Growth through insight.

Make your move.

Together we’ve got this.

Stop struggling, start fixing.

Embrace change.

Sleep better.

Opportunity knocks.

Change is scary, but full of opportunity. When your business is facing a turning point, or you’re ready to take it to the next level, you need the right financial advisor. Someone with real-world experience staring down business challenges and finding the best path forward. A fixer, not a bean-counter. That’s us.


What’s next?

Big decisions require big shoulders.


As a business owner, it’s easy to put off the hard work while handling the day to day. So when the big, gnarly challenges show up – like pivots, buy-outs, or just getting stuck – you need someone to rely on and share the load. Someone who will focus on the tough stuff and the bigger picture. We’re not “year-end accountants” – we’re the good times and bad, figure it out and get it fixed accountants.

We like to dig in and find out what’s holding your company back. Sometimes, that means sharing some hard truths. And we’ll do that, with care, support, and no BS. We’ll tell you how we can make things better and we’ll move forward together.

Swiss-army knives.

Our team’s diverse skills and expertise can get you moving in the right direction. Our experience isn't the usual business-school, tailored suit, expense account kind. We’ve worked in the trenches with businesses of all sizes, and know that the real work can’t wait for year-end. We’re there to make sure you’re on track for success long before the year wraps up.

Get up and Grow Team

Tyler Dougan

CPA, CA, CPA (IL) Principal

Get up and Grow Team

Rina Sharma

CPA, CMA - Senior Account Manager

Get up and Grow Team

Nicole Romano

CPA, CGA - Senior Account Manager

Get up and Grow Team

Carolyn Dougan

Client Services Manager

Get up and Grow Team

Diane Morch

Account Manager

We dare you to find someone better.

Our key services include:

Get up and Grow Team

Business Strategy

Get up and Grow Team

Forecasting + Modeling

Get up and Grow Team

KPI Development + Measurement

Get up and Grow Team


Get up and Grow Team

Buying or Selling a Business

Get up and Grow Team

US and CAN Corporate + Personal Tax

Get up and Grow Team

Owner Compensation Planning

Get up and Grow Team

Year End Prep

Get up and Grow Team

System Conversion + Implementation

Get up and Grow Team

Special Projects